We'll See You On The Other Side…

Reaching Out From the Other Side….of the computer screen

Welcome to the EVP Blog! Recently we found ourselves sitting in an independent coffee shop sipping fluffy coffee drinks, our bodies swallowed by over-stuffed chairs. It seems the more I (Heather) joke about the cliche of coffee house intellectualism, the more I find myself a part of it. And the more I find myself a part of it, the more I understand the appeal.

It was during our most recent caffeine aided conversation that the team decided a blog was in order. Apparently, we have a lot to say, and one of our favorite things to do is share it with others. While our website is a great way to share evidence and experiences (Ya know…when I update it), we thought a blog would be a much easier way for all team members to speak their minds.

So here it is: a blog painted by the moods and musings of one paranormal investigation team with much more on their minds than a website can handle!


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