We'll See You On The Other Side…


As our introduction post says, we’ve been discussing a lot lately and it’s much more than the website can handle.
This Blog will become our Sounding Board where we can rant until we feel as though our minds have been momentarily cleared.

Although Paranormal Research is a passion that we all share. Life sometimes chooses your priorities for you and often the paranormal is the activity that gets sent to the back burner. We have come to discover that this is fine. Our otherworldly friends will wait for us. Maybe not patiently, but they’ll wait for us.
As life has pushed us around on the game board we’ve taken solace in the fact that we can return to visit our friends from the other side in a more casual way and still find amazing results.
Not sure where I’m going with this? Let me explain.
If you know our Team you know that our greatest Love is The Queen Mary. A Historical and Design Marvel that sits thankfully in our own back yard. We’ve been investigating the Ship for several years now and the most difficult part of being so close is not being able to visit her enough when day-to-day happenings get in the way.
We can drive there in under an hour and yet….work, medical issues & life in general often keep us at their beck and call disallowing us to make even short trips.
I don’t think we realized that we could really casually visit the Queen once we had started seriously investigating there. Every trip was a checklist of equipment and a plan for what we could accomplish in the amount of time we had. While it’s good to always be prepared, we forgot that beyond the spirits that draw us there the Ship it’s self calls us back. Her grandeur, her architecture, her history as a luxury Liner and as the Grey Ghost are all reasons why we want to keep coming back.
Last December was our last full-scale investigation on the Ship. We had not set foot on her decks in months . In May we were contacted by some of our fellow investigators very last-minute to simply Meet Up and say hi on the ship. We hadn’t seen each other since the previous investigation and everyone wondered what happened to us. Nothing really happened of course, life just stepped in and redirected us for the time being.
We jumped at the chance to be on the ship and see everyone. I don’t even think we brought a digital recorder with us. This was going to be our first non-working visit to the Ship in a very long while.
I remember the swell and rush of excitement we all felt as we rounded the curve on the overpass to enter the Ship’s grounds. There she was, magnificent and just as we left her, but with a few noticeable improvements underway. She had received a fresh coat of paint in a few areas and they were taking the time to begin restoring her lifeboats. Both were very good signs.
The minute we stepped on board it was like coming home. Everything was familiar,the sounds, the smell it was great to be back.
As we rounded the corner to enter the hall just before the observation bar we noticed that the old music room was actually restored to its former self. They had been using it to display original artifacts from the 1st & 3rd class nursery .It was a change for the better and very nice to see,but there was a sense of upheaval that we could not shake.
We soon found our friends,gave a round of hugs and chatted for just a few minutes.
Although we wanted to see them, we were now in the grasps of the Ship and wanted to find out exactly what had been happening in our absence.
A friend filled in a few blanks …that the Ship had new management and that our contract to investigate had been hanging in the balance,but that it looked as though what had already been put in place was going to be upheld for the future.
There was a collective sigh of relief from the team.
At that point we parted ways and eagerly roamed the Ship looking for more surprises.
No equipment, no grand plans,we were just stopping in.
We were noticed. We could feel that our paranormal friends were with us . They were happy to see us and eager to show us what was happening. We felt pulled all over the ship to R deck , to B deck, to M deck. It was a mix of excitement, confusion and fear. It was almost as if they were looking to us for answers as much as they were showing us what has changed. We spent a few hours there, just roaming and feeling the energy shift that surrounded us. We knew that the next several months would be very active. Since that trip we’ve been back about 5 times. each time with just a handful of very basic equipment. Digital audio recorder, old digital camera and maybe a K-2 or a Mel. No plan in mind, just going were the energies lead us.
We’ve discovered that our 3 favorites will now follow us anywhere on the Ship.
It doesn’t matter where we plop ourselves down or what equipment we bring. We are seeing more with the naked eye and hearing more during our visits, fully audible without help recorders. It’s opened us up to explore more. It has also opened up boat loads of questions(no puns intended).
There is such a feeling of connection now that we know they know who we are. Not that there hadn’t been a connection before, but that the connection has changed and that there now resides a bond of trust in addition to what we had before.
So, naturally new questions exist. Will they answer more difficult questions now?, Do they trust us to know more about them?, What “time” are they existing in? What does the ship look like to them?, how far away from us are they really?
There are really too many to list. but surely you will hear them all if you continue to read this blog.
We feel as though we are getting closer to the answers we seek everyday. I feel as though they are trying to help us understand in a way that they had not previously been comfortable enough to reveal.
I’m excited for the future and the discoveries that we will make.

With that I leave you as we begin to prepare for our first official full-scale investigation back on the Queen Mary. Not that we need to arrange one in order to communicate, but this time more like arranging a special dinner with a friend where you can take the time to chat as long as you’d like without interruption from the outside.

….Jamie- signing off………

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