We'll See You On The Other Side…

P.E.T.A. People for the Ethical treatment of Apparitions


It’s October and of course we are busy fielding all incoming paranormal hits, be it emergency house calls, frantic members of the public or a variety of craziness from social network outlets. I often find myself paying extra attention to our various network sites to see what is going on within the community. Some of what I’m seeing is rather upsetting and downright unnerving. More and more we are seeing historical landmarks taken advantage of by the over-marketing of Halloween.

This is especially difficult for me because these are two areas of my life that I’m very passionate about and I walk that line between the two. I do feel that they can co-exist, but with great care.  I’m all for a good scare. I do not personally enjoy walking through manufactured haunted houses and scare factories, but I’ve been involved in all other areas of them: building, propping, costumes, make-up. For the creative industry that I’m so fond of this is a time to show your talents, to imagine and create for the sake of great entertainment; however, there are those that I believe are crossing the line.

It’s one thing to go out in a field, build a maze, and maybe destroy some grass for a few weeks, but it’s another thing to set up a haunt in a REAL HAUNTED HISTORICAL LANDMARK !  First of all, a historical landmark should be treated as such. Do what ever you want but don’t damage the integrity of a building with such significance . I’m seeing walls and original fixtures damaged in these locations and it’s just not right.  When you throw in the fact that the location is the actual site of a haunting it’s down right disrespectful.

We’ve been in locations where you can feel the anger and resentment of the energies and it’s heartbreaking.  I’d love to take people through these locations, teach them of their history and the residents that still remain . In my opinion it’s just as exciting.

Unfortunately the Location we are the most passionate about has fallen victim to this kind of ignorance and mistreatment. Original chairs, tables and other fixtures being harmed and misused. Walls are splashed with faux blood and skeletons, etc.that stays up all year.

We understand that the money is important to it’s survival, but there are bigger and better ways to go about it. We would love to be involved in giving this location alternatives to the damage that they are causing now.

The Queen Mary is one of our last great examples of not only Luxury liners of the past; but Art Deco architecture and craftsmanship that were created by the hands of the Masters themselves.

Please respect the REAL ghostly residents of the Great Queen and other Landmarks like her!
If you’d fight for a deer in the forrest, how about an apparition in it’s historical home?!

So, what do you think folks….. People for the Ethical Treatment of Apparitions?

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