We'll See You On The Other Side…

The “Who” Phenomenon

The past few months have brought us back to The Queen Mary a number of times. And our friends have been quite communicative. From Jackie’s playful screams, to Stark’s marvelous ability to play with our hair, the activity has been plentiful and varied.

One of the newest phenomenon we have encountered is, well, the “Who” Phenomenon. No, that isn’t some clever little name I produced to catch the reader’s attention. It really is…a thing. Listen:

They came in lilting tones:

QM 9/10/11 “who-o”

But mostly they sounded like this:

QM 9/10/11 “Who….Heather”

While we often heard the “who,” they snuck things in like my name which came through in a male voice right after I asked “What was that?” I only heard it during playback.  (BTW: Hearing a male who wasn’t there at the time, and that you don’t know, call your name as you are speaking tends to make you throw the recorder across the room out of shock. Just sayin.)

With each occurrence, we became more perplexed:

QM 9/10/11 “who” we hear

QM 9/10/11 “Who” perplexing

QM 9/10/11 “Who” more perplexing

Some were lower:

QM 9/10/11 Metal tank “Who”

Some, the who-ers found quite funny:

QM 9/10/11 “Who” and a giggle

All of those clips were captured in the span of approximately two hours. They occurred along with hair petting, hair pulling, shadows blocking out lights, and knocking on the elevator doors…from the inside…of a shaft that no longer works.  And while all of those experiences were intriguing, it was the “whos” that captured my attention. Perhaps that was the whole point of them. Perhaps our friends realized rather quickly that, for whatever reason, we could hear the sound and immediately recognize it for what it was. For the record, we can identify the source of the “whos” as a couple of little girls we often interact with named Sarah and Jackie. (I think the giggle would give it away even if we weren’t familiar with their voices.)

As amusing as the day’s activities were, we never expected the game to continue. And yet, a couple of weeks later, we found ourselves on the ship once more. This time, we were introducing a new team member to our favorite haunt. We wanted her to get to know the ship a little before the full scale investigation which was to take place the next day. Our etherial friends came to visit immediately, and the game began anew:

QM 9/30/11 “Who…hello” Door opening

They did it while we were walking around. (And added a “Hello” right before we opened the door)

They did it while we were talking:

QM 9/30/11 “who” under Brian

QM 9/30/11 Quick “Who” in the  jumble

(A gold star to anyone who can pick the “who” out of the jumble. Hint: It’s toward the middle of the clip and it is very quick.)

And they did it as they grabbed our attention…literally:

QM 9/30/11 Jamie hair grab “who”

(if you are wondering what was happening when we captured this, Jamie was just talking about how a gentleman by the name of William Stark,  won’t pull her hair when she is expecting him to. We were all sitting up in the map-room located on the bridge of the ship, and one of us had asked Stark to pull her hair. Well, he did…just as she was telling us he wouldn’t. Stark, you cheeky devil, you.)

Our “whooing” friends were keeping us company in the middle of the day, touring the ship amongst all of the other tourists.

We came back the next day late in the evening and stayed into the early morning hours. This time, we were laden with equipment. It was time for a full-scale investigation. Batteries were fresh, rigging was designed, experiments were planned. The night yielded a great deal of evidence and personal experiences. We encountered a spirit we had never encountered before. And, to be quite frank, he was a son-of-a-bitch. But even with mysteriously malfunctioning equipment, disembodied voices, and strange shadows darting along hallways, the game continued.

This happened just outside the door to the First Class Pool. We were on our way back from the bow of the ship, and were preparing to collect some equipment we had left running in the area.  While waiting for everyone to convene outside, we heard this:

QM 10/2/11 “who” outside the pool

It still makes me giggle. It came from right behind me. I can tell you it was Sarah. She was just letting us know that she was there.

To all of you skeptics out there: If you want to believe that the people who run the Queen Mary are purposely placing “whos” for us to hear around the ship to trick us into believing it is haunted, go right ahead. Though, if you have seen their special effects ghost show, I would be skeptical of  your skepticism. If you want to explain it away as a strange noise that happens in every part of the ship at all times of the day and night, you are more than welcome to do so. But, as an investigator with a team of investigators who have investigated the ship numerous times and only recently came across the “Who Phenomenon,” I can tell you that I will pass on that explanation as well.

These occurrences fascinate me.  It is such an unassuming way to get our attention. It is playful (especially when followed by a giggle). It makes us laugh and gape and stare at one another with furrowed brows.

I once played a game of hide and seek with the girls. It’s a totally unfair proposition as I am fairly sure they can see me, and I can usually never see them. But I heard them giggle. They like to play just like any little girl. But I think this new game is much better. They “who” at us, and we “who” right back.  And everybody giggles.

Keep checking our website at http://www.EastValleyParanormal.com for updates on our latest investigation and we will see you on the other side!


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