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Source for Public Backlash Quietly Disappears

In preparation for The Queen Mary’s 2012 Dark Harbor event, a great deal of press flooded media venues regarding the haunt’s newest maze entitled “Deadrise.” Originally themed around a tragedy that took place on October 2, 1942 where the Queen Mary accidentally cut her escort, the “Curacao,” in half, publicity for the attraction focused on the macabre idea that Dark Harbor’s mazes were heavily themed around the ship’s real-life history.

When word got out, social media sites exploded with posts expressing disgust over what was construed as the mocking of a very real tragedy where hundreds of soldiers lost their lives. A recent check of the Queen Mary’s website revealed that all mention of the “Curacao” and the newest maze’s  link to actual events has mysteriously disappeared. Though no mention of the change has popped up on The Queen Mary’s Facebook and no apology  has been issued, the move has quelled the public’s backlash. Many negative posts were removed by their authors as a show of good faith towards this latest move by the ship’s management team.

Whether they were truly sorry for any offense they caused or they were testing the theory that “even bad publicity is good publicity” remains to be seen. Regardless, it is likely they are hoping now that the haunt is open for business, the descent the public was so deeply feeling will fade as silently as its cause has.


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