We'll See You On The Other Side…

Getting To Know Us…

Since the team’s inception we’ve been on quite a journey. We began as friends, each of us trying to figure out our own truths regarding the “paranormal.”  Tired of trying to solve the mystery through random personal experiences, second-hand accounts, and episodes of reality TV, we decided to venture out on our own.

Our time together has allowed us each to grow. We have developed different skills and interests, which only serve to enhance our strength as a team. Our experiences have shown us that while a clinical approach is necessary in order to gather and analyze evidence, a good investigative team is made up of more than just the latest equipment. Gut instincts and ingenuity go just as far in the field as the latest and most expensive equipment.

When we began investigating, the goal for all of us was to capture irrefutable proof that ghosts exist; that the array of activity that people have experienced for thousands of years is significant and inexcusable. Well, that didn’t take long. The ease with which we fulfilled our first goal led us to a rapid evolution as each answer succeeded in breeding many more questions.

While we continued to seek answers, we developed a great love for the locations we visited. Over the years, our thirst for investigating has been joined by a passion for the many historic places in which we have had the privilege of working.

Coming from California, it has always pained us how quickly historic structures are razed in favor of building new. That is why we not only seek to learn from these places, but we seek to educate the public about their community’s rich history. Historical education and preservation go hand in hand with paranormal study. We use artifacts and historical documentation to help in our research and “profiling” of spirits that may be attached to a location.

Our team now specializes in investigating historic places. At these locations we are able to combine our love of connecting with the spirits of those who came before us with our passion for historic and ancestral research. We are able to flesh out both the past of the structure and the past of the people the structure still holds.

Luckily for us, times are changing. People are beginning to understand the significance of preserving monuments to our history. There is a growing trend of repurposing buildings instead of destroying them. It is our goal to foster preservation and respect for locations by documenting the spirits who still reside there and teaching the public how history survives. If it is your goal as a client to shed light on your location’s past; to help bridge the gap between those that lived before and those that live today, we can help.

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